Revolabs Solo Desktop Series

Revolabs Solo Desktop Series Microphones.

Calling all Voice Recognition Users! A breakthrough in wireless computer microphone technology. This is a dream come true for Physicians, people with disabilities and many other professionals. Introducing the Solo wearable Microphone which can be used as a Lapel Microphone, worn on a lasso or handheld. Either way, you'll get great performance. Digitally Encrypted communications for professionals with sensitive data.

Revolabs Solo Desktop Series Products

Revolabs EXEMIC-BLK-11


Solo microphone,wearable lapel style,lanyard and earpiece

Revolabs Solo Desktop


XTAG EDITION. INCREDIBLE PRICE! LIMITED TIME OFFER WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! SECURE Wireless USB computer microphone the size of a lipstick. Great for voice recognition, internet telephony and conferencing.

Revolabs SoloXtagBaseStation


Solo Desktop Xtag Edition Base Station with USB Cable.

Revolabs SoloXtagMicrophone


Revolabs Solo Xtag Wireless Microphone Only (need to have a base station)

Product Features

  • Very accurate with Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Wearable or Handheld Wireless
  • One button push ease of use
  • 8-Hour Talk Time w/rechargeable battery (80% charge in 45 minutes)
  • Encrypted
  • 30-Meter (100 ft) Range
  • Full-Duplex (dictate and listen)
  • Up to 24 users in a single room with full encryption
  • Wideband Audio

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  • Revolabs Solo Desktop Series


    Works well in the following environments
    (Q) Quiet - (M) Moderately Noisy - (N) Noisy

    Works best in Quiet Environments

    Nuance Rating
    4 of possible 6 Dragons Rating




    Revolabs Solo Desktop Series Microphones.