MM Series

MM Series Lapel-Series

Miniature Lapel Microphones

The (MM-LAPEL-MICROPHONES) are hand made with high quality products to ensure long life and excellent recordings! This microphone is a "mono" UNI-directional (cardioid) microphone. The microphone element is strategically mounted into a customized cylinder for maximum performance!!!!!

MM Series Lapel-Series Products

MM Series Lapel-1


Lapel-1- Mini-Lapel Mic (Omni-Directional)

MM Series Lapel-2


Lapel-2 - Miniature Lapel Mic (Cardioid)

MM Series Lapel-3


Lapel-3 - Miniature Lapel Mic (Cardioid)

MM Series Micro-Lapel-1


Lavalier/Lapel Style Microphones

Product Features

-Flat frequency response
-Includes "SHURE" premium wide mouth holding clip and premium windscreen.
-Can be used with one of our battery modules or plugged directly into your recorder.

Warranty and Support

Warranty: All of our products have a 30 day money back guarantee from the day you receive your product. For more information, please visit our Policies page.

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MM Series Lapel-Series




Miniature Lapel Microphones