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Podcast and Voice Over Computer Microphones How To guide

How to choose Podcast and Voice Over Computer Microphones.

Computer USB Headsets are generally the easiest way to get good quality audio into your computer.

Computer USB Headsets come with their own Soundcard inside of the USB electronics. This usually ensures a good solid low noise connection from your microphone to your computer.

USB Headsets tend to have a hotter/stronger/amplified sound to your computer. For Speech applications including voice recognition, Skype, Internet Chat and Gaming it's usually a safe bet. If you have a high-end sound card, then the soundcard, then you don't need USB.




Audio Technica ATR-SERIES-AT

Audio technica's most affordable microphones for home and office.

Audix USB12-Series-AUD

Audix Desktop USB Microphones


Shure PGW Series gets an upgrade. Using existing and new microphones. Headset options such as PG30, WH20, WH30, 185 Lapel and more receiving 5 star Dragon Naturally Speaking ratings for wireless speech recognition performance by Nuance.


aka Shure TCHS, The Computer Headset System, Shure PGW Wireless system with custom computer cable specifically for PCs.

SpeechWare TableMike-Series

Tablemike Series Microphones

Nady USB-24M

USB microphone

Blue Snowflake USB

Say hello to the Snowflake, the first professional portable USB mic.

Blue Snowball USB

World's First Plug-n-Play USB mic. Dual capsule design, Professional studio quality performance- record both vocals and instruments. Cardioid and Omni-directional polar patterns.

Blue Yeti

Professional quality, 3-capsule USB mic featuring 4 polar patterns, headphone output w/ volume control

Nady USB-2S

USB stereo condenser microphone

Nady USB-5H

USB condenser microphone w/headphone output

Audio Technica AT2020 USB

Side-address studio condenser microphone with USB digital output (Windows and Mac compatible) offers studio-quality articulation and intelligibility. Based on the critically acclaimed AT2020. Includes tripod desk stand, pivoting stand

MicLabs Super-G

MicLabs Super-Gooseneck USB Professional Desktop Microphone.

Shure PG27-USB

Cardioid Side-Address Condenser Multi-Purpose Microphone with USB connector, includes zipper pouch, stand adapter and 3 meter USB cable

Blue YetiPro

Pro Version of Yet; 24 bit / 192 kHz USB & analog microphone, includes 5-pin -Stereo XLR adapter

Shure PG42-USB

Cardioid Side-Address Condenser Vocal Microphone with USB connector, includes carrying case, shock mount and 3 meter USB cable