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Providing Microphone solutions since 1998. Microphones.com is your source for products and expert consultant level advice.

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We aren't just another Internet or E-Commerce web store.

We are premier resellers and engineers of microphones, digital recorders and voice technology products.

For over 20 years, our experience has been on the front lines providing high tech computer and audio solutions to individuals and businesses. Not only do we sell and support our products, but we install and manage business logic for audio, speech and language applications.

Certified with all the major brands and manufacturers in this field including Audio Technica, Nuance, Olympus, Philips, Sennheiser, Shure, and many more, we are true expert consultants.

Our support includes management, automation and processing for Computer Audio, Conferencing, PA Systems, Pro Audio, Recording Studio, Surveillance, Telephone Systems, Transcription Technology, Speech Recognition, and the list goes on.

Audio and voice processing is our business!

No matter how much or little you know, we are here to help with sound engineers, computer geeks and experience to help you get the right equipment.

Why us?

  • We are a true one stop shop.
  • From the Studio to the Lab, from the Telephone to the Network, from the Office to the Smartphone or your own special technology needs, we provide consulting, advice, automation and deliver the goods on all levels.
  • We have special expertise reproduced by few in providing business audio and speech processing.
  • We support everything we sell. Thousands of audio products.
  • We offer money back guarantees, warranty service and service level agreements.

Our Passion!

We love audio processing. It's like magic to hear great sound! We started with military-grade sound and audio processing. From there, we hit the studio, the road, then went into speech processing which requires computer engineering. For over a decade, become certified with special hands on training and have been providing cutting edge technology to the world.. We've put together hi tech solutions for all types of consumers and business needs. An example...

The Interview. We'll field such questions as (Live, telephone, teleconference, ? Recording mechanism: Phone, recorder, computer, on camera? Automation? Transcription? Security? Pre and Post Production Processing. We literally have hundreds of solutions for all types of needs and have solutions for Call Centers, Corporate, Disability, Education, Emergency, Government, Hospital, Legal, Musician, Presentation, Robotics, Sporting and more. We do all types of audio!

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality audio and pay it forward through technology and sound technical advice!

We love audio processing. It's like magic to hear great sound! It's almost spiritual.

Staff @ Microphones.com - Serving for over 15 years

Our Promise!

If you aren't completely satisfied with our solutions or products, you are covered through return policies and have direct manufacturer support since we are authorized to sell everything in our shop. Your warranties will always be covered without fuss or guess.

We look forward to the opportunity.

Our policies and general information are listed on the following page. Take a look, and see why we think you should make WWW.MICROPHONES.COM your one stop shop for microphone and audio solutions.

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