Professional Voice Recorders

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Grundig Digta410

Digta 410 Slide Switch recorder, 32 MB internal memory, DSS recording format. Includes USB cable. (2) AAA batteries, pouch, DigtaSoft Software including License for one user. Application for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000.

Grundig Digta/x4015CL

Digital handheld recorder with ergonomic and functional US slide switch control. With 64MB on board memory for more than 10 hours recording time. MMC drive, for instance for DigtaCard 64MB. Backlight display, date and time stamp, USB interface.

Philips DPM-6000

Philips Digital Recorder DPM-6000 Push Button Model. Windows and Mac software for download and transfer

Olympus DS-2500

THIS REPLACES THE OLYMPUS DS-2400 Voice Actuator recording mode recorders only when sound is detected ensuring you re only recording what is needed. 2 GB SD card, expandable to 32 GB.

Olympus DS-3400

The DS-3400 provides high-quality performance in an easy to use device perfect for professionals on the go.

Olympus DS-9000

Increase dictation management efficiency with the all new Olympus DS-9000 digital recorder. Sounds better, it's smaller and a dependable workhorse.

Philips DPM-7000

Philips Digital Recorder DPM-7000 Thumbslide Switch Model. Windows and Mac software for download and transfer

Olympus DS-3500

Push Button Operation, DSS/ DS2/ PCM/ MP3 recording format, QP/SP mode. File Encryption and decryption. 2 GB microSD Card for internal memory.

Philips DPM-8100

Philips Digital Recorder DPM-8100 recorder (No Software)

Philips DPM-8300

Philips Digital Recorder DPM8300 Thumbslide Switch Model (No Software) (Alt Record Button Location)

Philips DPM-8000

Philips Digital Recorder DPM-8000 Thumbslide Switch Model with SpeechExec software for download, transfer and dictation management.

Olympus DS-7000

Slide switch, DSS/DS2 recording format, QP/SP mode, file encryption and decryption. 2GB microSD card for internal memory

Olympus DS-7000/AS-7000

Dictation and Transcription Kit using the most advanced DSS Player Pro 7 Software