VXI Talkpro-Series

Top rated Headsets featuring Gentex Superior Noise Canceling microphone elements.

Full-featured TalkPro incorporates two key technologies to achieve superior microphone performance: sophisticated Gentex noise canceling microphone proven to ensure higher speech recognition accuracy and VXI's innovative, award winning Parrott Translator technology which ensures optimum voice band response and dramatically reduces distortion to achieve outstanding sound quality and accuracy

VXI Talkpro-Series Products

VXI TalkPro SC1


VXI TalkPro SC1 Monaural Headset: PC soundcard headset. (*Note replacement headset for, Talkpro Xpress & Talkpro Max).

VXI TalkPro UC1


VXI TalkPro UC1 Monaural Headset Optimized for Unified Communications. (*Note replacement for the USB100). This monaural USB headset incorporates all the functionality of the TalkPro USB1 headset as well as advanced features including

VXI TalkPro UC2


VXI TalkPro UC2 Binaural USB Headset Optimized for Unified Communications.

VXI TalkPro UC3


VXI TalkPro UC3 Convertible Headset Optimized for Unified Communications.

VXI Talkpro USB1


VXI TalkPro USB1 Monaural Headset

VXI TalkPro USB3


VXI TalkPro USB3 Convertible Headset with 3 wearing styles featuring a USB connector that plugs directly into a computer USB port. Features include inline mute and volume controls.

VXI TalkProMax2


Binaural Headset-Voice Recognition Microphone, Volume Control, Mic Mute, Clip Translator, Jack for Computer Speakers, 3.5 mm Plugs

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VXI Talkpro-Series


Works well in the following environments
(Q) Quiet - (M) Moderately Noisy - (N) Noisy

Works best in Quiet Environments Works best in Quiet and Moderate Environments Works best in any Environment - Quiet, Moderately and Noisy

Nuance Rating
5 of possible 6 Dragons

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Top rated Headsets featuring Gentex Superior Noise Canceling microphone elements.