SpeechWare TableMike-Series

Tablemike Series Microphones

Introducing the 1st full Integrated system for Voice recording, VoIP & Speech recognition! TableMike Series microphones offer exceptional voice quality with uni-directional microphones, programmable buttons, push to talk switches, foot controls and more.

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SpeechWare TableMike-Series Products

SpeechWare TBMK02FP


Foot pedal switch for microphone on/off operation. Compatible with all Speechware Tablemikes including TBMK02USB, Speechware 6-in-1 and Speechware 9-in-1 Tablemikes.

SpeechWare Wireless-Tablemike


The Speechware Wireless Tablemike includes great performance, encryption and a rechargeable battery. SPECIAL ORDER AVAILABLE FOR 100+ UNITS

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SpeechWare TableMike-Series


Works well in the following environments
(Q) Quiet - (M) Moderately Noisy - (N) Noisy

Works best in Quiet Environments Works best in Quiet and Moderate Environments Works best in any Environment - Quiet, Moderately and Noisy

Nuance Rating
5 of possible 6 Dragons

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Tablemike Series Microphones