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Philips DVT5000

Voice Tracer DVT-5000 digital voice recorder comes with built in 3Mic AutoZoom recording.

Philips DVT5500

With 3 microphones, the Voice Tracer DVT-5500 voice recorder is ideal for capturing speech and music in high fidelity.

Olympus LS-7

Incredible Sound, Captured Simply.

Philips DVT7000

The ultimate meeting recorder. Digital Voice Tracer DVT-7000 with 360 degree pickup microphone and wireless remote control.

Olympus LS-10

Studio-Grade Recording to Go. LINEAR PCM RECORDER 24 bit/96 khz Linear PCM recording, WAV, MP3, and WMA Recording and playback. 2GB built in memory, SD memory slot, 5 folders, LED backlight, 2xAA batteries

Olympus LS-11

A Compact, Lightweight Powerhouse of Audio Recording.

Olympus LS20M

Captures Sights and Sounds like Never Before! 24bit /96khz Linear PCM Recording, Full HD 1080P Movie, Magic Movie Filters, Removable SD/SDHC Card Compatibilty, Web Camera

Tascam DR-100MKII

Portable 2-Channel Linear PCM Recorder