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Voice Recognition Handheld Microphones How To guide

How to choose Voice Recognition Handheld Microphones.

Computer USB Headsets are generally the easiest way to get good quality audio into your computer.

Computer USB Headsets come with their own Soundcard inside of the USB electronics. This usually ensures a good solid low noise connection from your microphone to your computer.

USB Headsets tend to have a hotter/stronger/amplified sound to your computer. For Speech applications including voice recognition, Skype, Internet Chat and Gaming it's usually a safe bet. If you have a high-end sound card, then the soundcard, then you don't need USB.




Olympus DirectRec Series

Olympus DirectRec Series Handheld Dictaphone / Microphones

Philips SpeechMike Series

It s all about user comfort. The SpeechMike Pro features customizable function buttons, allowing it to be adapted to your individual preferences.

Talk Technologies SmartMic-Series

The SmartMic Series face mask microphones will revolutionize speech recognition accuracy. Used when you do not want others around you to listen to you while you talk to your computer. Whether for voice recognition or other application

Andrea Electronics ANC300

Dual Function Hand-Held Computer Microphone

Shure PG81/Mod

Shure PG81 Handheld Microphone with special XLR to computer input plug. May add Andrea USB adapter for USB connectivity.

Grundig SonicMic3iUSB

Digta SonicMic 3 iUSB. Comes with integrated trackpad mouse.

Buddy StylusMic 7G

Buddy StylusMic 7G is a noise cancelling microphone with Wacom Digitizer. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH WINDOWS 8.

Dictaphone PowerMicII

Dictaphone PowerMic II without barcode Scanner.

Sennheiser MD431 II

Supercardioid with on/off switch (26.0 oz) Includes MZA4031 quick release stand adapter